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WELCOME to You and I Photography by Voytek! Let us introduce you to the absolute inspiration to our work: our family!

Voytek and Lynsey met in 2011, and it was pretty much love at first few hours of conversation. We had a QUICK engagement and were married October of 2012. We knew that we had found our partner for life, so why wait?

Lynsey + Voytek's WeddingPhoto Credit: Connie Palen Photoworks Photo Credit: Connie Palen Photoworks Photo Credit: Connie Palen Photoworks


Voytek has been taking pictures since he was 7, when his grandfather gave him his very first 35mm camera. He always loved looking at the world through his lens.  He studied photography and videography in college, and proceeded on to Photography School. He began with gorgeous landscape photography and stylized promo shoots for actors and performers.  When a friend asked him to shoot their wedding back in 2007, he realized his passion for the story of love, along with great lighting, awesome landscape backdrops and a couple enamored with each other.

Melissa + EricFirst wedding shot by Voytek

This brings us to today! We moved to San Diego shortly after our own wedding in 2012 and joined the ranks of True Photography, the #1 wedding photography studio in San Diego.  6 years and over 250 weddings later, Voytek had refined his skills earning the prestigious award of Photographer of the Year for 2 consecutive years. You and I Photography was born in this our 6th year in San Diego.  Having established himself with the many venues and coordinators across San Diego County, we knew it was time!

VoytekRunning away from dinosaurs!


Lynsey is Voytek’s partner in crime. She is the client relations master, making sure your needs are 100% met! She is an Opera singer by night, singing professionally now for over 10 years all across the nation and internationally.  By day she explores her love for relationships through marketing and client relations. With 20 years of experience, she is eager to hear all about your wedding day and be sure that all of your photography needs and expectations are covered.

Lynsey's Maternity~ Julian, CAIt's nice to have a photographer as your Hubby :)

Lynsey's Maternity~ Borrego SpringsDesert light is the best Lynsey's First Professional Photo ShootPhoto Credit: Future Husband

Juliette is the Queen of the house. She runs us and makes sure everything is in order ;) She is our little spunky, energetic, actress. She dances and sings everything she does .  She will be 5 this year going, on 25! JulietteContemplation JulietteOh yeah, That's me!

Harrison is our newest addition! He is our drooly, bubble making, laughing, mover and groover.  He is the current center of all attention, which Juliette definitely protests to at times. We always try to make it up to her of course!

  What a faaaaccceeee!

HarrisonMy CAMERA! HarrisonSO MUCH CUTENESSSS! Can you handle it?
In our name ‘You and I Photography’  is our family. Life brings ups and downs, hoping we have much more of the up moments. We provide beautiful, story telling moments and memories of love to look back on. As a reminder that in love, life and family, hard times and great times there is always You and I. Looking back at our pictures, I know that we got this thing called life babe. XO


You and I FamilyThe one good photo we got out trying for 1 hour where both kids were somewhat cooperative!




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